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Tax Planning

Tax planning takes place all year

Tax planning takes place all year. It is seldom that spending the last few days of the year focusing on taxes yields significant short or long-term objectives.

Our tax planning services focus on lifetime overall tax planning for our clients. We take a long-term approach to tax planning to mitigate the impact of changing tax laws, the changing economic cycle, and to provide consistency to tax outcomes. Planning for the short-term is important as well; however, without a long-term plan, tax outcomes are much more difficult to manage. For example, it may not be in your best interest to drastically reduce short-term income (bonus depreciation expense) only to see the next year result in substantially increased income and taxes (possibly at a higher rate).

Individual Tax Planning Services

  • The benefits of employer sponsored benefits
  • Tax wise education planning
  • Planning for available tax credits
  • Itemized Deduction planning
  • Planning for the Net Investment Income Tax
  • Others unique to our client's needs

Tax Planning Services for Businesses

  • Depreciation planning
  • Lease or buy decisions
  • Tax methods of accounting
  • Deferring Income or Deductions in accordance with the tax law
  • Form 1031 Exchange Guidance
  • Tax Considerations in choice of entity
  • Other services unique to our client's needs

If you'd like to receive more information about tax planning, please contact us.